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International Restaurant Bradford Menu

vegetarian dishes at International Restaurant

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Special Vegetarian Dishes
All Dishes are served with 1 naan or 3 chapati or boiled rice or 2 roti

Krari Saag Aloo Paneer 7.00
Kashmiri curd cheese, spinach & potatoes are cooked with ginger, onions, coriander, garlic, herbs oL spices.

Krahi Mix Vegetables 6.90
Seasonal Indian vegetables cooked in balti (wok) and garnished with coriander and onions.

Krahi Aloo Palak 6.90
Potatoes cooked with spinach, ginger, garlic & medium sauce in balti (wok)

Krahi Daal Karela 6.90
Kerala cooked with lentil, ginger, garlic & medium sauce in balti (wok)

Shahi Daal 6.90
Channa & mash daal cooked in highly rich sauce with garlic, ginger, chilli & garnished with dnania.

Krahi Achari Veg. 6.90
Mixed vegetables in a tangy spicy sauce, ginger & tomatoes.

Krahi Mutter Paneer 6.70

Krahi Channa Paneer 6.70

Krahi Aloo Channa Paneer 6.70

Krahi Mushroom Paneer 6.70
Kashmiri curd cheese is cooked with peas or mushroom or chana, ginger, onions, coriander along wirh herbs & spices.

Vegetable Thali 8.00
Four different types of vegetables of chef's choice served with boiled rice.

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International Restaurant

Morley street, Bradford BD7 1BA 01274 721449